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Smartphones in 3D could damage your vision



Smartphone in 3d

Smartphones in 3D could damage your vision:

Many smart phone companies are providing latest gadgets that are  promising an exciting entertainment experience but scientist have found that Smartphones in 3D may harm your vision and also gives you headaches.

According to the phenomena “vergence-accommodation” user’s eyes simultaneously adjusts the distance of the content which leads to the headaches and the problem in person’s vision also.

Optometrist Professor Martin Banks said about smartphone in 3D: “Discomfort associated with viewing stereo 3D is a major problem that may limit the use of technology. We hope that our findings will inspire more research in this area.”

Technology has provided many types of entertainment but they also have some drawbacks and this one of them. 3D technology has been bombarding into the market with TVs, cinemas, and more recently digital billboards in airports and bus stops have all been in 3D. So we have to take care of our vision by making the less and productive use of it.

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