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Gadget turned smart phone into medical tool



Smart phone

Scientists have made a wonderful achievement into the field of medical as they have designed a new gadget which can be turned into a very powerful medical tool after connecting with a smart phone.

“Smartheart” is a gadget which is connected with the smart phone and in just 30sec it will be able to performe electrocardiograms.

This gadget “smartheart” can be connected with the any of iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android device via Bluetooth and after having an ECG user can send it to his or her doctor in the form of an e-mail.

smart phone

Smartheart can easily be hooked up around the person’s chest and will start to record heart rate with the measurement of electro-activity.

smart phone

Telemedicine’s spokesman who created the device said: “This will transform phones into a fully functioning hospital-grade heart monitor'”

“Smartheart addresses the most crucial factor related to heart attacks – time. Within 30 seconds, anyone can record a scan and have it transmitted to their doctor,”

“It can be used anywhere, by anyone, and is a real breakthrough in technology.”

Smart phones have not only made life versatile but also made a great comfort to its user and “Smartheart” is one of the great example of it.

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