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Happy Birthday My Dear Junkraria



Birthday Junkaria

Happy Birthday Junkaria

Time truly flies, and today, we’re thrilled to celebrate Greatist’s first anniversary alongside the birth of Junkaria. It all began on June 7, 2011, with a simple yet ambitious mission: to inspire and inform individuals, encouraging them to make choices that collectively contribute to something truly extraordinary. While we’ve come a long way since then, exceeding even our wildest expectations, our mission remains unwavering.

On June 7th, at 1 PM, we took a significant step forward from our Football News and Reviews blog, “The Football Reviews.” We embarked on the quest for the perfect domain name, brainstorming passionately until one team member, Fahd Altaf, also known as David Cole, suggested the name Junkaria. It resonated with the entire team, and within the next 15 minutes, the domain was officially registered.

Happy Birthday to Junkaria: Celebrating One Year of Greatist

Today, on Junkaria’s birthday, we proudly reflect on the past year, during which we’ve evolved into one of the most trusted and rapidly growing Pakistani blogs on the internet. Our family has expanded to include some of the brightest minds in health and fitness, all dedicated to innovating and improving this space. We’ve strived to reach as many readers as possible in our first year, and as we embark on Greatist’s second year, we’re committed to delivering even higher-quality content because our readers deserve nothing less.

In celebration of Junkaria’s birthday, we are excited to announce the launch of another blog, “Music MNewz.” This blog will cover news about Pakistan’s top bands, with a special focus on local and underground talent. During the last 15 days of MNewz Beta Testing, we received numerous accolades, including shares of our posts on the official pages of Pakistan’s top singers. This achievement inspires us to offer a platform to those with exceptional vocal talent. If you have a passion for singing and wish to promote your videos on the web and social media, please forward your contact information along with your video to MNewz, and we will be delighted to feature it.

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Thank you for being a part of our journey, and here’s to many more years of inspiring greatness together!

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