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Get Detailed Information about your computer [Hardware & Software]



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Detailed Information about your computer

There are million of utilities for every thing in the world, finding and easy and appropriate is not easy task. Most people don’t do trial and error and they want exact product of there need. By keeping this in mind here is a product which can give you a detailed information of your computer hardware and software.  Sys Information  is a great tool if you want to know completely about your system. Below are some features claimed by the producers of the software:

Key Features

  • Smart Retrieval Method – It is a method used by Sys Information by retrieving information from a dynamic link library and displaying it. This method is used to retrieve the information more fast and accurately. The Software will not freeze while retrieving information.
  • Total Operating System information – The complete information about your operating. This feature is minimized in some system information providers. But it is displayed fully in Sys Information.
  • Fast Information Retrieval – Sys Information uses optimized retrieval method to retrieve Information so it will be fast and accurate. Fast Retrieval is be available from Version 4.0
  • Automatic Updating Method – Sys information uses automatic updating method to display information so you can get the live information about your system. Comparing Version 4.0 and 5.0 , 6.0 is way more faster in refreshing and displaying data.
  • Easy to Use Interface – Interface is very easy to use and clear for viewing information more clearly.
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