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83% of Smartphone and tablet owners are addicted to apps



83% of Smartphone and tablet owners are addicted to apps according to new survey:

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New report has been revealed and according to this report the 83% of users which have smartphone and tablet feel addicted to it’s applications.

Consultant firm Latitude and MTV networks surveyed around 1300 people between the age of 13 and 64 who use the smartphone and tablet and firm finalized that the people enjoyed the apps.

Report, quoted by said: “They allow intense personalization and hyper-focus, filling our idle moments with on-demand “me time”,”

The report sums up the results which told that the 77% people thinks that these app serve as their “personal assistant”. While on the educational side of this thing explains that 91% thinks that these app let them introduce to new things.

Neela Sakaria, senior vice president at Latitude said “We learned that apps not only provide small doses of fun, but also offer real emotional and functional value to people’s everyday lives,”

“People welcome the opportunity for apps to open their eyes to new experiences, skills, relationships and even a greater sense of well-being.”

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