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How to add an addon domain to any shared hosting server?



What is addon domain?

An addon domain is just like ordinary domain which can use in your existing hosting server with in your control panel. Addon domain is fully functional domain like your primary domain.

Today we learn how to add a addon domain in our existing server.

1)Select and purchase a new domain from any registrar like go daddy.

godaddy 1 1 - Junkaria

2)Configure the Name Server (NS) with your existing hosting server with the newly purchased domain; the domain propagation takes 24hr to 48hrs normally.

3)Take some rest for domain propagation.

4)When domain is propagated then login to your hosting server account here I use blue host for this. Now the actual thing starts

bluehost 1 1 - Junkaria

5)Now select the addon domains from the domains tab in your Control Panel.

addon domain

6)Now a new window open, here we assign the new domain.

assign domain 1 1 - Junkaria

7)In this window we write name of newly purchased domain.

enter domain 1 1 - Junkaria

8)if your domain is propagated to this server and you write a correct domain then ownership is verified here.

ownership verify 1 1 - Junkaria

9) Check the radio button “Addon Domain” and move to the next step.

chose addon 1 1 - Junkaria

10)here use an existing directory by choosing the combo box if you create a directory for the new domain otherwise create a new directory name after public_html/ textbox.

last addon domain 1 1 - Junkaria

11)Now add a subdomain name for this new domain on your primary domain for the cPanel understanding and finally click on “Add Domain” button.

12)Congratulation you have set another addon domain on your existing hosting server.