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Traumgedanken : The 1st book with hyperlinks in the world



Traumgedanken means Thoughts on dreams

German Artist Maria Fischer Creates Hyperlink Book named as Traumgedanken.  The book “ Traumgedanken ” (“ Thoughts on dreams ”) contains a collection of literary, philosophical, psychological and scientifical texts which provide an insight into different dream theories.To ease the access to the elusive topic, the book is designed as a model of a dream about dreaming. On five pages there are illustrations made out of thread. Their shape and colour relies on the key words on the opposite page. This way an abstract image of the dream about dreaming is generated.


Thoughts on dreams2 1 1 - Junkaria


Thoughts on dreams3 1 1 - Junkaria


Thoughts on dreams4 1 1 - Junkaria

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