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Zoom+: Zoom Photos in Google+



Zoom+: Zoom Photos in Google+:

Zoom Photos in Google+

As I covered before about Google Chrome Extension in my blog, here is another Google chrome application which can be helpful when you will be having your Google+ social network going (Zoom Photos in Google+).

Most of you will be familiar with the Google images. Google introduced Mouse over function with that your picture gets enlarge with out opening into new window. Well this is quite possible with this Google chrome extension.

After installation you must either restart your Google+ or restart even Google chrome for better results. This is a best way of looking your new social network and your peer’s Photo’s with our opening new window.

You can download here and keep the world going for you.

+Google chrome only works with you profile picture as well as profile stream pages. It is not workable on Photo pages 🙁

Happy surfing

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