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Great Three Chrome Extensions for Google+



Google+ Hack:Three Chrome Extensions for Google+

hack Google plus 1 1 - Junkaria

Google is a big Company, and Google is growing day by day so do there Application. Google Chrome is one of best internet browser competing with other leading brands. One thing which Google managed to do was to open Google Chrome for Applications.Three days back Google also launched Google+, which also becoming a stir in social networking circle. Here are Greet Three Chrome Extensions Google+ (Apps) to look Google+ with different angle. I know, I know Google+ is for limited users only right now, but this is helpful for those who are already on Google+, and future notes for those who will be on Google + in near Future.

1- Google+ — Facebook

According to some critics Google+ is just like Facebook, well some how yes it is social network and social networks just look same, also people are used to with Facebook Theme anyway. Just Install Google + — Facebook extension and you can customize you Google+ just like Facebook.

2- Share For Google+

Yet Another Extension for Google Chrome is Share for Google Plus , some of you might feel hassle to Post one comment to Google+, Facebook and Twitter, well this extension solves your problem. After installing it you don’t have to do extra work, one click and it posted to all.

3-Google+ Friend  Exporter for Facebook

Sending invitation to all the friends by doing Extra copy paste is difficult from Facebook to Google+. Now you don’t have to worry any more when we can provide you best extension to import Email addresses, Phone numbers and websites of your friends at Facebook. Try Friend Exporter for Google+ Extension for Google Chrome.  After installing this Extension you will see Export friends “button” on your Facebook page. I am sure you going to love this extension.

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