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Megaupload owner is trying to get bail in New Zealand court



Kim Dotcom accused of piracy

Megaupload owner Kim Dotcom has appeared in New Zealand court to seek bail.

German national Kim Dotcom was arrested on Friday and the raid was requested by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. FBI accused Doctom with the crimes of internet piracy and money laundering.

Prosecutors say he is a flight risk. The court later delayed a decision on bail.

“Given the breadth of issues covered in this bail application and the seriousness of the issues, I am going to reserve my decision,” said Judge David McNaughton.

US authorities are trying to stop this bail. They has accused Megaupload of giving loss to copyright holders more than $500m (£320m) in lost revenue.

Megaupload claims that the website is just a platform to share files. They have nothing to do with the complaints about pirated material.

“Mr Dotcom emphatically denies any criminal misconduct or wrongdoing,” Mr Dotcom’s lawyer, Paul Davison, said.

Prosecutor Anne Toohey, however, said that Mr Dotcom was a significant flight risk, citing his multiple passports, financial resources and previous criminal convictions for hacking and insider trading.

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