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World top scientist slams Facebook and Twitter



World top scientist

World top scientist believe that Facebook and Twitter are ruining new generation:

World top scientist have taken a swipe against world’s top social media sites Facebook and Twitter as they believed that they have made new generation self obsessed.

According to world top scientist people who use Facebook and Twitter have child like desires to have a constant feedback from other people. Baroness Greenfield, professor of pharmacology at Oxford University believes that the access of internet friendship coulf effectively ‘rewire’ the brain.

Former director of research body the Royal Institution Baroness Greenfield said:  ‘What concerns me is the banality of so much that goes out on Twitter.

‘Why should someone be interested in what someone else has had for breakfast? It reminds me of a small child (saying): “Look at me Mummy, I’m doing this”, “Look at me Mummy I’m doing that”.

‘It’s almost as if they’re in some kind of identity crisis. In a sense it’s keeping the brain in a sort of time warp.’

I also agree with these great intellectual person and recommend our friends to make good and constructive use of technology as it is providing us great ease but in the meantime it is ruining our life’s.

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