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Google Games: Finally Google Have Launched 16 Games For Google+



google games

Google Games : Google+ games are available for it’s Users

Hi Friends Google+ have finally launched 16 web based Google Games for their users. And hope that now google launches it’s Fan Pages soon for their user and clean sweep the Facebook.

Google+ team is gradually releasing games for all users. Once games are available for your Google+ account you can enjoy 16 google+ online games for free.For enabling this option login to your google+ account and Visit this URL After 1st visit you see a new tab in your profile Google+ call this Game Tab.

The Best and amazing thing is Google+ games will not spam your notifications or stream unlike Facebook games because Google+ games are in separate page and they wont show any notifications in your main stream. If you want to play games and want to see games notifications, go to games page.

google+ games

Following are the Google Games which google+ Released last day.

  1. Sudoku Puzzles
  2. Bubble Island
  3. City of Wonder
  4. Angry Birds
  5. Flood-It!
  6. Diamond Dash
  7. Crime City
  8. Dragon Age Legends
  9. Edgeworld
  10. Dragons of Atlantis
  11. Collapse! Blast
  12. Zombie Lane
  13. Zynga Poker
  14. Monster World
  15. Bejeweled Blitz Beta
  16. Wild Ones

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