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Why framing blog is better than traditional website



Almost everyone want to establish his/her own business, some have investment so they start their business in real world some have less investment but they have courage to face the challenges and have some innovative ideas and they wants some attentions from their audience for their appreciations and become more popular in between their friends circle.

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Some people start their online business in terms of blogging, Blogging is a term refers to weblog. There are two types of bloggers: 1st type refers to the category that made blogs for fun and 2nd one are those who use blogs for cash making. Blogs are new things now-a-days and much better than traditional websites. Blogging is a good medium to express your feeling, thoughts in front of the world. Another plus point of blogging is search engine’s give more importance to blogs than traditional website during searching and ranking.

Some common features or we can say advantages of blogging are:-

1) Blogging is the excellent medium for advertising your product.

2) Blogs are very easy to setup and manage.

3) Blogs get high attention in search engine ranking.

4) Blogs become a good cash generator if you have good audience of your blog and have a good content.

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