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HTML5 Framework Kendo UI, A Modren Framework for HTML5



kendo ui

HTML5 Framework

There are many HTML5 Framework are now using in market after the new modern HTML Release. The new upcomming popular HTML5 Frame work in top of the world Web developers and web applications User Interfaces Designer is Kendo UI.  A framework is an abstraction in which software providing generic functionality can be selectively changed by user code, thus providing application specific software.

Frameworks contain key distinguishing features that separate them from normal libraries:

  • Inversion of control – In a framework, unlike in libraries or normal user applications, the overall program’s flow of control is not dictated by the caller, but by the framework.
  • Default behavior – A framework has a default behavior. This default behavior must actually be some useful behavior and not a series of no-ops.
  • Extensibility – A framework can be extended by the user usually by selective overriding or specialized by user code providing specific functionality.
  • Non-modifiable framework code – The framework code, in general, is not allowed to be modified. Users can extend the framework, but not modify its code.

Kendo UI is a HTML5 framework for modern HTML UI. Engineered with the latest HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript standards. It delivers everything needed for client-side, jQuery-powered development in one integrated, compact package.

Kendo UI (html5 framework) combines everything needed for modern JavaScript development, including a powerful DataSource, universal Drag-and-Drop, Templates, Themes, and UI Widgets.

Kendo UI (html5 framework) provide ease to web developers and it’s use is as simple as 1,2,3.

  1. Download the compact Kendo UI Framework
  2. Add the script and style references to your page:
    <script src=”…” />
    <link href=”…” />
  3. Have fun with Kendo UI!
    Sample usage: $(#myMenu”).kendoMenu()

Kendu UI (Html5 Framework) Features

  • Validation.
  • Globalization.
  • Enhanced mobile support.
  • Professional tools, Professional support.
  • Broad browser support (even the old ones).
  • Evolving at the speed of the web.
  • No more slow JavaScript.
  • Ready for Touch & Mobile Devices.

Kendu UI (Html5 Framework) New Widgets

  • Calendar.
  • Date Pickers.
  • Numeric TextBox.

Kendu UI (Html5 Framework) Mobile Device Compatibility

  • Android 2.x+
  • iOS 3.x+
  • BlackBerry OS 6.x+
  • webOS X.x+

Demo: Click Here

Download Beta: Click Here

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