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How to install photoshop brushes



How to install photoshop brushes?

Actually this is very basic and simple tutorial which i am write, some of my friends are worried about how to install photoshop brushes in to photoshop. This tutorial is especially for those who face above mention problem.

Ok let start work,

Open your photoshop installation directory commonly it is,

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop

Now open the presets folder.


preset 1 1 - Junkaria

After that open the brushes Folder.

brushes 1 1 - Junkaria

Now copy and paste your downloaded photoshop brushes in this folder.

brushes snapshot 1 1 - Junkaria

Open your photoshop you have successfully installed photoshop buttons.

photoshop 1 1 - Junkaria

You can see your install photoshop brushes on brushes panel.

brushes panel 1 1 - Junkaria

If your facing trouble in finding brushes panel then go to windows and select the brushes or directly press the F5 key on your keyboard.

brushes option 1 1 - Junkaria