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How to increase wifi signal



How to increase your WiFi signals

Here are some tips to increase your WiFi signals. I hope you will find this article informative and suggest others also.

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1) Position of Router

Yes the position of the router matters and also distance matters. If your receiving device is in the other room inspite of router’s room then may be you are suffering from low signals because walls can weaken the strength of wifi signals. So firstly you should try to place the router in center from where every WiFi enabled device can easily access it.

2) Avoid Bad Neighbours

Make sure the signals of other electronic equipments like microwave oven, Your neighbour’s WiFi router or cordless phone may affect the signal strength of your WiFi router.

3) Extend Antenna

Try to purchase some external Wi Fi antenna to boost your router signal for more coverage area.

4) Upgrade your Router

Upgrade your old router to new model router if problem still exist.

5) Upgrade your software

Visit your router manufacture website at least one time in every three months for new software upgrades of your router