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How to increase website ranking in any search engine



How to increase website ranking.

website ranking

This post contains some suggestions for publicizing your website or blog in any search engine also we tell some usefull tips for how to increase website ranking.

1) Content

Write only those things in your blog that is user requirement and user like it and share with others.

2) Submission

Submit your blog/ website to all the major search engine like Google, Yahoo & Bing and also submit your blog/ website to popular web directories including Open Directory , Looksmart, Wikipedia etc.

3) Individual Publicize

Introduce your website to other on every way for example

4) News letter

Inform your user and audience with daily/ weekly or Monthly Newsletter. The benefit of news letter is to remind people about your website and blog and this encourages them to visit your site.

5) RSS

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or some time call Really Simple Syndication. Use RSS feeds this will increased the indexed rate as a popular blog/website in search engines.

6) Use Aggregator

Use website or blog aggregator like Technorati and submit your blog/ website there, this will give a high appreciation to search engines.

7) Back links

Create maximum back links to high PR website and blogs, this will create a good ranking of your website in search engine.

8 ) Keep your website up

Try to keep your website up, if your website is not accessible for an extended time many search engine specially google may reduce the website ranking of your website/ blog. So adopt a good server for website/blog hosting who gives you maximum uptime.

9) Translation

Translate your website/blog into foreign languages. This will increase your website/blog traffic also increase the website ranking.

10) Search

Instead of entering your url into browser, search though relevant keywords of your website/blog will also increase the website ranking of your page.

I hope you like our tips… feel free to comment about this post.