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Free Download Yahoo Messenger 11 (Download Link)



Free Download Yahoo Messenger 11 (Download Link).

Download Yahoo Messenger 11

Free Download Yahoo Messenger 11 (Download Link) : Yahoo messenger is one of leading messenger we all know. And company is putting all its efforts to make there brand viable, more productive and creative. Recently company launched its Yahoo Messenger 11, which got mix and match of few things officially powered by Yahoo group. By the way if we experienced new Yahoo email service it really become fast, and very fast as acclaimed by the company. So coming back to messenger company added quite few handy add on to service such as

1- You can invite your friends to play a game, this is very good feature if you sitting with friends and want to hang on with some spicy games.

2- Keep in touch with friends, Now you can be in touch with your friends on crossed platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Plus.

3- Chat with Facebook friends, now you can chat with your Facebook friends with in Yahoo messenger

4- Be available all the time, Yahoo is allowing you to Login there messenger on multiple machine which is handy most of times, but I got some concerns.

5- New Skins (Personalize your self), Now with new skins you can personalize skins with Yahoo and enjoy a new look all to gather.

OK. So much reading here is the link to download a fresh copy of your Yahoo Messenger 11 🙂 If you like this new messenger do let me know.


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