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Blendr: A New Iphone App for real time meeting



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Blendr: A real time Iphone App:

World is changing and  changing in different ways, and technology is biggest reason for this change. Social Networking is one of integral part of our lives these days. New and new ways are coming in the market which let us meet with new people every day.

Let me introduce you with blendr this is one real time app which let females to meet with new people. some of the features as website are as follows:

Blendr is a social networking experience unlike any other. Using your mobile device’s location-based technology, you can connect with others nearby with similar interests, hobbies, profession and much more. Discover the world around you: make friends, and build connections and explore your surroundings. Blendr makes it easy to take that first step.

Connect Like Never Before

The key feature of Blendr is its “Interests View.” By connecting through shared commonalities like hometown, hobbies, or profession and more, Blendr helps you jump start conversations with those who near you at any given time. You can also choose to sort the profiles you see either by those with common interests, or everyone else around you. Unlike other static social networks, Blendr lets you learn more about the people around you, anywhere, anytime, wherever you take your mobile device.

Check-in and Check it Out

Blendr’s multifaceted check-in module allows you to see the profiles of people checked in where you are. In addition, Blendr maps how many people are checked in at other locations nearby and offers the “heat map” view where you can see the volume of people checked-in. Now, it’s easier than ever to make happy hour plans, find a quiet coffee house to work in, or score a table at the restaurant with the shortest wait.

Blendr also integrates the check-in feature of other platforms like Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook – so you can update and post your location in one easy step.

See New Faces With Every Move

Whether you’re traveling across country or across town, Blendr updates whenever you change location. Each login is a new opportunity to chat with someone new. Blendr also features a suite of privacy settings which empowers you to decide how close people will know you are to them—down to the percentage of a mile—or you can hide your visible distance altogether. It’s your decision.

Don’t Just Check Up On Friends—Make Them

Bring the social networking experience to your mobile device and maximize your device’s location software—Blendr allows you to create new friendships wherever you and your device go. Unlike other social networks, you can make new friends who share your interests, instead of checking up on old ones.

No iOS Device? No Worries! Get it on Facebook!

We also have a Facebook app you can install to connect with other Blendr users anytime you’re logged on. It has many of the great features of the iOS version: chat, share pictures, choose your location, and privacy settings – all from your desktop. The Facebook app also syncs your information from your mobile app, so you’ll always keep your favorites wherever you log in. With the Facebook app, you can connect with a much larger community.

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