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UK Born Pakistani boy, First Muslim killed in UK Riots, while saving community



haroon 1 1 - Junkaria

Its a very sad news indeed, First Uk Born Pakistani Haroon Jahan killed while he was saving community. He was hit by a car on Dudley Road in Winson Green in Birmingham. Two other victims namely Shahzad Anwar and Abdul Mussavir.

Haroon Father said” He heard a huge voice and saw three people on the ground, and unluckily his son was one of them  died on spot”

Police arrested a man of deliberately killing a young boy.

It is a sad news for his father and family as he was only 21 years old. We pray these riots may not leads to ethnic terrorism which may disturb UK more.

UK government needs to DO MORE in order to save innocent humans.

Please follow the link  below to see his father interview.

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