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22 fake Apple stores in one city of China



22 fake Apple stores in one city of China:

fake apple stores

China once again rocked as the officials find another 22 fake Apple stores just after the weeks a fake store was spotted by an American blogger.

An U.S blogger BirdAbroad has spotted an fake Apple store in the city of Kunming in China  which she thinks as a real outlet of electronics giants.

The blogger noticed that the sign of the store reads “Apple Store’ – and Steve Jobs” which is never written onto the official Apple stores.

After the first identification of fake store in Chine the officials have find another total of 28 fake apple stores in one City.

Chinese Administration for Industry and Commerce in the Yunnan provincial capital has ordered these stores to withdraw the use of official Apple logo as they are violating the terms of using a registered trademark.

Big companies of U.S always have problem with China regarding the copying the ‘look and feel’ of other companies’ stores that’s why in May U.S. Trade Representative’s office listed Asian country into the list of worst records for preventing copyright theft.

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