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EU proposes law of ‘right to be forgotten’ by internet firms



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EU proposes new law named as “right to be forgotten” for the internet users which will be applied on Wednesday.

This law will promise the internet users that they can ask to delete their private data permanently, even from the firm’s databases.

The move is part of a wide-ranging overhaul of the commission’s 1995 Data Protection Directive.

Some organizations are going against this new law but it seems like it is difficult now to stop it from being applied.

A spokesman for the commissioner clarified that the action was designed to help teenagers and young adults manage their online reputations.

“These rules are particularly aimed at young people as they are not always as aware as they could be about the consequence of putting photos and other information on social network websites, or about the various privacy settings available,” said Matthew Newman.

This law will not give them the right to ask for material such as their police or medical records to be deleted.

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