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ITRAFFIC: Keep Track of Your ISP connection Speed [Must Have App]



int itraffic 1 1 - Junkaria

Itraffic connection Speed Monitor

As we know World is global village now, and the big thing which contributed to this phrase is Internet. I remember we used to have hour based internet years ago, but thanks to advancement in technology now it comes with out limitations. So many companies which are ready to give you there connection on attractive sales packages, but I always think do we get what we told, and there was no application to check your ISP speed. You don’t have to worry any more when is there, there is an application which can help you keep track of your ISP speed, and give you reports daily,weekly, and monthly basis.

ITRAFFIC is one desktop application which let you keep track of your ISP speed, and when required you can go to your ISP provider and say look I am not getting what I promised to0.

iTraffic 1 1 - Junkaria

The reports look like below

iTraffic Monitor report 1 - Junkaria

You need to select your network card in order to see respective speed which application gives you option to do. Happy surfing 🙂

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