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World's Top 10 Funny Signboards That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

World’s Top 10 Funny Signboards That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

In a world filled with serious signs and important messages, sometimes we stumble upon signboards that are so hilariously absurd that they leave us in splits. These funny signboards are like little gems of humor hidden in plain sight. Today, we’re going to take a light-hearted journey through the world’s top 10 funny signboards that are sure to tickle your funny bone.

  1. “Caution: Wet Floor – The Floor is Lava!”

    • Subheading: A Twist on a Classic Warning
    • Description: This signboard takes a mundane “Caution: Wet Floor” sign and adds a playful twist by suggesting that the floor has turned into a game of “The Floor is Lava.” Who wouldn’t chuckle at the thought of hopping around to avoid imaginary lava?
  2. “Please Do Not Feed the Selfie Stick!”

    • Subheading: When Selfies Get Out of Hand
    • Description: In a world where everyone’s obsessed with taking selfies, this sign humorously asks people not to feed the ever-hungry “Selfie Stick.” It’s a witty reminder to be mindful of our selfie-taking habits.
  3. “Ghosts Crossing: Use Extreme Caution!”

    • Subheading: Paranormal Road Safety
    • Description: This signboard takes a spooky turn by warning drivers about ghosts crossing the road. It’s a clever way to remind us to be cautious while driving, even in the presence of supernatural beings.
  4. “Beware of the Squirrels: They Can’t Hold Their Nuts!”

    • Subheading: Nutty Squirrel Alert
    • Description: This sign blends a warning with humor, cautioning people about mischievous squirrels with a penchant for dropping their nuts. It’s a delightful play on words that brings a smile to anyone passing by.
  5. “Unattended Children Will Be Given an Espresso and a Free Puppy!”

    • Subheading: Creative Childcare
    • Description: This sign takes a unique approach to address the issue of unattended children by offering them an espresso and a free puppy. While it’s a joke, it sends a clear message about the importance of watching over your kids.
  6. “Zombie Crossing: Walk or Run, but Don’t Stumble!”

    • Subheading: A Zombie-Filled Crosswalk
    • Description: This signboard combines the idea of a pedestrian crossing with a zombie apocalypse, reminding us to stay alert and avoid stumbling, even in the most unexpected situations.
  7. “Free Wi-Fi: Because You’re Not Special Enough to Have Your Own 4G!”

    • Subheading: A Humorous Take on Connectivity
    • Description: Offering free Wi-Fi with a playful jab at our self-importance, this signboard serves as a humorous reminder that we’re all in this together when it comes to staying connected.
  8. “No Dancing Allowed: Unless You’re a Penguin!”

    • Subheading: Penguin-Approved Dancing Zone
    • Description: This sign injects a dose of whimsy into a “No Dancing Allowed” notice by making an exception for penguins. It’s a delightful way to bring a smile to the faces of passersby.
  9. “Warning: Falling Coconuts Are the Real Party Crashers!”

    • Subheading: Coconut Shenanigans
    • Description: In tropical locations where coconut trees abound, this sign hilariously blames falling coconuts for ruining the party. It’s a reminder to stay safe under those swaying palms.
  10. “Don’t Even Think About Parking Here: Wizards Only!”

    • Subheading: Magical Parking Exclusive
    • Description: This sign takes exclusivity to a whole new level by reserving parking spots exclusively for wizards. It’s a magical twist on the usual “No Parking” sign.


Funny signboards have the remarkable ability to turn mundane moments into memorable ones. Whether it’s a humorous twist on a warning or a clever play on words, these signs remind us that humor can be found in the most unexpected places. So, the next time you come across a funny signboard, take a moment to appreciate the joy it brings to your day. After all, laughter is the best way to navigate this sometimes too-serious world!

World’s Top 10 funny signboards

Funny signboards: Pic 1

funny signboards junkaria

Stop Don’t Move A Muscle.

Funny signboards: Pic 2

funny signboards junkaria

Only Lucky person get a chance to pay $200 😉

Funny signboards: Pic 3

funny signboards junkaria

Park at on your own risk.

Funny signboards: Pic 4

funny signboards junkaria

Every thing is allowed except laughing

Funny signboards: Pic 5

funny signboards junkaria

Better luck next time

Funny signboards: Pic 6

funny signboards junkaria

TO LET :Contact Junkaria

Funny signboards: Pic 7

funny signboards junkaria


Funny signboards: Pic 8

funny signboards junkaria

Don’t Throw it… always place it properly on floor:-)

Funny signboards: Pic 9

funny signboards junkaria

Be careful………

Funny signboards: Pic 10

funny signboards junkaria

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