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Steve Jobs, Resigned as CEO from Apple Inc.



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Steve Jobs CEO of Apple Inc. The richest company in Touch screen equipments making has resigned from his position today. That’s mean his health has gone more down. Apple was started from a garage to this bloom, but he saw so many ups and down in his life with having a  small cancer in pancreas, reviving from that and come back story as CEO of Apple again.

Jobs, is truly one man behind this whole success, his vision and passion took Apple Inc to this level.

Company was started in 1970 with production of Apple 1, which unfortunately did’nt get the stir but it was Apple 2 who made all the gloom and glory for Steve.  Steve considered to be one of best CEO in last 25 years.

We wish him to be revived again from his health, and ride the horse which he created on his own pace.


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