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McAfee warns that hackers ‘could turn off your car engine’



McAfee has showed their current concern about hackers:


Anti-virus firm McAfee has warned that the hackers can put life’s of people in danger by shutting off the engine of cars.

McAfee has warned that these days cars are more reliant on computers, wireless systems such as Bluetooth, and software to function and this thing can be very dangerous in future.

Senior vice president and general manager of McAfee Stuart McClure said: “As more and more functions get embedded in the digital technology of automobiles, the threat of attack and malicious manipulation increases,”

“Many examples of research-based hacks show the potential threats and depth of compromise that expose the consumer,”

“It’s one thing to have your email or laptop compromised but having your car hacked could translate to dire risks to your personal safety.”

Nowadays people want more and more closer to their vehicles and want thins on their finger tips but this thing can be very dangerous.

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