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Japanese researchers have developed a Robots that learn functions [Video]



Japanese researchers have developed a Robots that learn functions: Scroll down for Video.

Japanese researchers have developed such a robot that can learn functions that it was not programmed.

Technology have become more and more advance and this robot by the Japanese researchers that can learn things is a great example of it.

Japanese researchers

This robot uses its experience and its own knowledge to make a perfect decision. Currently this robot can learn the simple things like the picking up of glass of water and adding ice into it but it’s building team is hoping that this robot will learn things in future like a kid.

Company posted the video onto the You Tube and in this video they showed that the robot has been programmed to fill the glass with water and when the robot is doing the current task , it is then asked to chill the water and robot thinks for a second and then adds the ice cubes .

Tokyo Institute of Technology Associate Professor Osamu Hasegawa told DigInfo: “Thinking about artificial intelligence in the real world, actual environments are inevitably more complex, and they change quickly,”

“So it’s necessary to have a learning mechanism that adapts to the situation,”

“Also, because new situations emerge, it’s also necessary to have the ability to keep learning new information on the spot.”

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