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How to do an Image search Using Image in Google




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How to do an Image search Using Image in Google:

Well with launch of Google+, I believe we yet to see more wonders happening in Google social network, but from now I am going to share a very good effort by Google to enhance there search.

Google launched a service of searching Image with Image, You must be confused and thinking what I am talking about, well now it is possible to search an image with an image.

How? Just open the normal Google Image search, on the typing bar you will see a small camera? got it? Click that camera you will be ask to either upload a photo or past a URL, try one of it for your clarity, when you will hit search you will see whole bunch of similar theme pictures in Google search. Seems like this is a magic but its very good effort by Google. Google is using Grid Image algorithm to make this search happen, Also this search is as fast as normal search.

Happy surfing..


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