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Check out the Top 5 Cases for Iphone 4

Today we discuss about some latest and most demanding Iphone 4 cases in this article. These case are may be expensive for you but these cases are the best cloths for your iphone 4.

iPhone 4 Diamond Rose

If you have a spare £5,000,000 floating around, we have the iPhone 4 case for you! The Diamond Rose is a case made out of 18-carat rose gold, with a bezel set with around 500 flawless-cut diamonds totalling 100 carats. A further 53 diamonds make up the apple logo, and a flawless-cut 7.4-carat pink diamond forms the home button, surrounded by platinum. It comes in a box hewn from a single block of granite … and yet somehow the effect is of gaudy bling rather than tasteful elegance. For More Info Click Here

iTape Deck

When someone has a neat idea, others will follow, so you won’t be too hard-pressed to find a silicon case that makes your iPhone look like a cassette tape. We’re particularly enamoured of the iTape Deck, though; it comes with a cassette case as well, that doubles as a nifty stand for your phone. For Price and info Click Here


Hand Case

Someone in Japan came up with this, and it’s quite spectacular. We can’t even say that we don’t know what it’s for; apparently it’s “cute! But sometimes scary! ! Naughty Hands off private dock cover iPhone4”.  so you can feel like you’re holding hands with someone. “A hand full of such love, because it is hand made to take the type of real women and children .” Real holding hands gently come the phone is made ​​in Japan produced 9cm thick 14 × horizontal 8 × height of about external dimension tables. For more pics and info Click Here

DIY Case

If you’re of the crafty persuasion, here’s a case you can personalise, either for yourself or as a gift. Mimicking mesh needlepoint fabric, the case is a blank canvas for you to stitch in either a selected design, or one you invent yourself. So adorable!

For price & more info Click Here

BookBook for iPhone

We seem to love wrapping up the iPhone thing and pretending it’s a different thing, anyway. This leather case is one of the most stylish. It resembles a small book of poetry or aphorisms, but flip it open and you have space for your iPhone as well as credit card pockets and a clear window for easy access to your ID.

Fore More InformationClick Here


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